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Topic: Coping Strategies

What are the most important things to remember in coping with chronic illness? Read some thoughts from people in our program.
New research shows that people who keep a gratitude journal report fewer symptoms and feel better about their lives.
Guest author Patti Schmidt's strategies for handling relapses.
Two strategies that help when old habits make symptoms worse.
A few minutes a day of record keeping can produce big benefits.
Housekeeping can feel overwhelming with ME/CFS or FM. Here's how one person transformed clutter into order.
One way to improve quality of life is by having a NOT TO DO list.
Take control over setbacks using these two worksheets.
How a change in attitude can help you feel better.
How to use daily and weekly schedules to bring stability to your life.
The secret to improving with CFS and FM? Think small.
How to live well with long-term illness.